First of all, I would like to thank you guys for the nurturing support and the amazing response I’ve got for the big event happened during the independence day weekend at VR Bengaluru, Whitefield. It was awesome to see many terracotta jewellery lovers visiting my stall at Big Desi Flea Market event at VR Bengaluru. It helped me a lot to see what people loves to wear, and the variety of their choices, demands and feedbacks. Now I’ll be able to design more variety of jewelries as my unique customers wish to see them. It is an encouragement! 🙂

After few average crowded exhibitions, I got this wonderful opportunity to display the grand terracotta collections in VR Bengaluru last week. It was surprised to see that, the terracotta jewellery lovers were asking for my stall as they have seen many FB shares about this show. Literally, I realised that I could have a bigger collection to match their demand. Many items were sold out on the first day itself. The Rich Terracotta Jewelries were more exposed on the second day. People loved to wear them and and asked for more varieties.

Our website, has become more popular during the event. And I could see a massive increase in our online sale and traffic on the following days. No wonder, if you see most of the terracotta jewelries are sold out now. But no worries, I can remake them for the customers who are really interested to buy it. It is just a matter of few more days than usual delivery time.

So, everything went well on the last exhibition. And I am planning to do few more events in coming months. Let me gear up with new items as many of them were sold out during the last show.

Thanks again for the mesmerising response so far. And stay tuned on our Facebook page for the latest announcements, events etc.

Devika Jacob

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