Artistic Terracotta Pendant Set


You will not be able to resist these gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

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Buy Artistic Terracotta Pendant Set from jewellery artist Devika Jacob. Every woman deserves to have a colourful terracotta pendant set, that they can wear on a daily basis. Have you been searching for a gorgeous unique jewellery that matches with every single outfit? Look no further!

These exquisitely handcrafted range of terracotta jewellery is being highly preferred by women and young girls due to its uniqueness and elegance. Made of fine quality porous clay, these terracotta pieces are 100% natural and organic and hence are perfect alternative for all those who fear skin reaction to their metallic adornments.

Each of these boldly bewitching handcrafted pieces of jewellery were individually designed by Devika Jacob.

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Stainless Steel Chain, Terracotta



Paired with

Terracotta Earrings


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