Antique Golden Blues Terracotta Pendant Set


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Buy Antique Golden Blues Terracotta Pendant Set from jewellery artist Devika Jacob.The elusive terracotta pendant jewellery is sure to make you feel alluring and mysterious. The gorgeous and finely crafted terracotta jewellery is made for the woman who enjoys being just a bit rebellious. This perfectly chic pendant set is unique with its gorgeous design.

More than just a decorative fashion item, terracotta jewelry makes both a fashion, and a social statement. Each jewel that is made out of terracotta is a work of art meticulously hand-crafted with great effort and care. These jewels are symbolic of ethnicity, sophistication and beauty.

Grab one of them now and feel that extraordinary experience!

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Stainless Steel Chain, Terracotta



Paired with

Terracotta Earrings


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